What we do

Two related and concurrent trends are changing the dynamics of traditional market research: the increasingly social, public consumer and the development of Big Data.

The social consumer means more than simply social media. The voice of the customer is louder than ever, but sometimes it’s just noise. Anyone in the social media space will tell you to begin with listening, though listening is not the only skill that transfers readily from traditional consumer insights.

Separating content from noise, understanding your sample, critically evaluating metrics and statistics—all are necessary in order to draw real, meaningful insight from user-generated content.

User-generated content is only part of the story. Your customers (and potential customers) constantly create data through their online and mobile behaviors, as well as through their interactions with your brand. Those data are often accessible but pose many of the same analytical problems as user-generated data—overwhelming in scope, difficult to make relevant, not necessarily a comprehensive response to your strategic information needs.

At Curiolab, we discover the information that already exists and create new, primary data sets to fill in those gaps. Among the emerging techniques we recommend to supplement traditional insight creation are:

  • Social media
  • Web analytics
  • Data mining
  • Text analytics/natural language processing
  • Crowdsourcing