who we are

Curiolab is led by the interminably curious Aaron Deacon. Trained as a journalist, historian and market researcher, his various pursuits contain a common thread: asking insightful questions, employing creative approaches to get the answers, and weaving them all into a meaningful story.


Yes, curiosity is a big part of it. We ask a lot of questions. And we believe that asking the right questions is critical to getting the information we need.

But “curio” also refers to the objects of curiosity—things that seem strange or unusual, perhaps a little out of place. Ideas that challenge conventional wisdom. We are naturally drawn to these little curios, and find they are often where true insight lies.


The outlet for curiosity and making new discoveries. And also, for trying out new techniques. We recognize a changing information landscape, and we are eager to develop custom solutions with you to meet your strategic information needs.

We are experienced and disciplined. We are proven researchers. And from this foundation, we like to explore new techniques and approaches to insights. We’re as curious about our own business as we are about yours.